Banafsheh Sayyad
Persian Sufi dance artist, Creator of Dance of OnenessĀ®
Topics: Radical Embodiment, Guided Movement: Dance of Oneness Daily

The Founder of Dance of Oneness®, Banafsheh Sayyad is a Persian sacred dancer, transformational teacher and practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Awarded for her innovative movement, she is one of the few bearers of authentic Persian dance in the world, an innovator of Sufi dance previously only performed by men, and one of the few dance artists who has mastered a fusion of high level dance technique with spiritual embodiment. Her modality, Dance of Oneness® is a way of living our fullest potential through loving our body, our Self, and living as a lover. It is a fusion of the art of dance: rigorous technique and self-expression; healing; and spiritual embodiment. Based in LA, Banafsheh performs and teaches internationally, initiating thousands into the wisdom of their body and inspiring people to live the sacred in everyday life. With an MFA in Dance and an MA in Chinese Medicine, she is dedicated to individual and collective healing through conscious movement. Her dance film In the Fire of Grace with Andrew Harvey traces Rumi's journey of the Soul in dance. Her book, Radical Embodiment will be out later this year.