Daniel Cordaro
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence Postdoctoral Associate, Director of Project Contentment
Topic: Human Emotion & Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Cordaro is a meditator, scientist, writer, and cross-cultural researcher at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Daniel received his Ph.D. in emotion psychology from UC Berkeley after leading the Universal Expression Project - a massive global study of emotional expressions spanning ten industrialized nations and one previously uncontacted culture in remote Bhutan. As a result of his travels, Daniel was transformed by the power of contentment, an emotion that holds the promise for cultivating sustainable human wellness. He has recently launched Project Contentment at Yale, which aims to understand the deepest roots of fundamental wellness from a cultural, philosophical, and scientific perspective. Inspired by ancient wisdom traditions, the Contentment team is currently creating a sustainable wellbeing intervention involving meditation and self-enquiry for schools that aims to reach 1.5 million kids and teachers by 2017.