Laura Cirolia
Co-creator of WOW Processing, Creator of Reset Meditation
Topic: Guided Movement: Cold Pricklies & Warm Fuzzies — A Non-linear Inter-active Reset Meditation for Kids

Laura Cirolia is noted developer of breakthrough Epigenetic Medi-Scripts (Reset Meditation) that up levels positivity, creativity and mind/body coherence— reciprocal interactions between the microbiome, heart-self and brain function. Her latest series of Reset Meditations allow you distinguish and internalize new and dynamic life affirming beliefs that resonate throughout your entire life creating vitality, healthy gene expressions, coherent body micro-movements and positive personal relationships. Each meditation has a specific focus, from activating a peak state to discreating trauma, confusion and resistance to reality, love and life. Laura’s creative techniques bring about gentle, easy and fast human growth and personal development for men, women and children.